World to the West (Playstation 4 Review)

World to the West is a 3D action-adventure game set in the same universe as indie hit Teslagrad. However, this is a standalone extension of the universe and not a sequel. Instead of 2D side-scrolling, we are now in a 3D top-down cartoony world, inspired by European adventure comics. Does World to the West continue to show developer ‘Rain Games’ ability to make smash hit games?

World to the West teams up four unlikely heroes-to-be to form a motley crew of bad-assery. Each hero has their own story which interweaves with the others, whilst they are interesting, the main story includes all the heroes as they journey to discover a long-forgotten civilization. All the while you are uncovering mysteries, secrets, and treachery. The four characters are Lumina the Teslamancer, who makes use of electricity; Knaus the Scrappy Survivor, whose most notable skills are escaping danger or avoiding it altogether; Miss Teri the Mindbender, using her power to control the minds of her enemies (my personal favourite); and Lord Clonington, the Aristocrat strong man, who solves all problems with a knuckle sandwich whilst rocking a moustache.

With the four main characters bouncing off each other, witty repartee is not far behind. World to the West is a humorous and wondrous game that stirs your sense of adventure. What further fuels this is the sheer scope of the game: it is huge. Despite making it big, the developers didn’t detract from the overall look of the game. Most enemies and landscape are simple shapes, not offering too much detail that could maybe be obscured, which allows World to the West’s style to be simplistically brilliant.

Solving puzzles comes naturally to us all, but this is where I feel World to the West falters. Of the puzzles you are presented with, you should usually know which characters are going to carry out certain tasks. If there is a small hole in the wall? Survivor is used. Is there a magnetic pad? Teslamancer. And on it goes. This takes away some of the thinking and achievement for the player. However, this is also why the Mindbender is my favourite hero. If there is a small hole, then you can control the mind of a small enemy to go through it. If you are facing off against an enemy that you just can’t get passed, then control them and kill them.

The soundtrack creates a mostly cheery atmosphere and with the crisp sound effects that cut through so sweetly, there is no contention for your attention. It could have sounded like a clattering of noise, but it is expertly pulled off.

Bright, chirpy, and colourful, World to the West will delight you as you adventure through the grandiose map. From being able to mind control enemies, to digging your way under trouble, World to the West allows you to practice your ability to adapt to the situation at hand. World to the West is a truly vibrant game that will have you bursting forth with your inner Indiana Jones.

World to the West

World to the West


8.5 /10


  • Vibrant, Cheerful
  • Big, Whole lot of adventure
  • Great Writing
  • Good Dialog


  • Obvious solutions to puzzles

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