Top 5 Tips for Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion has just hit consoles, players were clambering over one another and comparing queue placement and talking about tapirs. There is no doubt that in one way or another you heard about it and if you were anything like me the promise of more places in the universe to jump about had you salivating over all the new exotic engrams you would never get.

But where do you start? If you were in the same situation as myself – a player that dabbled in every expansion but never stuck around long enough to amass enough spinmetal build a small fortress and enough spirit bloom to illuminate it. You will be looking for a bit of guidance on the ebst way to approach Destiny’s Rise of Iron Campaign. So why not sum up the best tips to getting the most out of Rise of Iron.

destiny_rise_of_iron-01. Focus on the story missions.
With Rise of Iron, every player is presented with the new and short lived set of missions focussing on Destiny’s universe. By prioritising this campaign players will easily flow towards the higher light levels with little to no resistance and see some cool cinematics in the process. You just need to brace yourself for Lord Saladin’s constant reminder that you are still a “young wolf”.

2. Fill the book
I can’t stress this enough, if you aim to complete the Rise of Iron book while levelling up your main character, the journey for your other characters will be dramatically reduced. To a point in which most characters will be sitting pretty at 340 light (or higher) just through items earned in the reward system alone.

destiny-xbox3. Keep Your Engrams
It might seem like the pursuit of slightly higher gear from a store of engrams would work greatly in your benefit, right? Unfortunately jumping straight in to Rise of Iron and handing the Cryptarch all your well-earned loot is actually to your detriment. Instead save those precious items up and keep them in a safe place until you are above 340 light. As a general rule of thumb; Blues will decode up to 340 light and Purples/Yellow will bridge the gap between 340 and 350 with some pushing above that. Although the real loot with the better light will come from the new strike chests and the raid. So try not to fuss too much if you feel like your progress has ground to a halt.

4. Keep an eye out for side quests
Rise of Iron is teeming with loads of new gear and one way to secure a true weapon worthy of Destiny’s legacy is through the side quest “Beauty in Destruction”. By pottering about in the Plaguelands and completing a few missions you will be presented with an opportunity to earn yourself Gjallahorn. And not just any Gjallahorn, a 350 light Gjallahorn with bells and whistles. Beyond packing a punch this weapon will once again boost you a few levels in light and build towards that all important raid load out. There are at least 4 exotic weapon quests within Rise of Iron, so be on the lookout for any and all the quests you can find.

destiny-roi5. Forged in Iron
And finally, Rise of Iron’s new patrol area the Plaguelands has its own challenge area, much like The Taken King. The Archon’s forge allows players to offer up different items to create a series of enemies come spewing out from all the nooks and crannies in the arena. Within Archon’s Forge you can be teamed up with up to 5 players and all take on these threats, netting a lot of engrams and some extra glimmer in the process. It also seems that through completing these instances continuously will generate another one of the required items for your party. After spending about 1 hour of completing these quests, with two members of our party only having the necessary item for the first two instances, it’s safe to say a fireteam of 3 with a few of these each could spend a whole day wiping out minions in Archon’s Forge.

If you’ve read through the tips and thought to yourself “That seems awfully simple, that can’t be it.” you would probably be right. But I can assure that’s all there is to it, or at least to get started. After your initial burst of light levels you will slowly grind to a halt and the real grind will set in. Hopefully these quick tips will steer your right and minimise the amount of grinding and needless fiddling prior to that point and make the whole journey that bit more enjoyable. So, good luck Guardians and may the light guide you.

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