Top 10 Starting Tips for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex is a franchise that basks in the majesty of player choice. Consequences for these choices don’t necessarily need to be instantly obvious, and many choices are consciously connected to how you play games in general. If you’re an individual that lacks a strategic mind, then you’ll be more foolhardy in your approach to delicate situations. If you’re cautious and apprehensive then you may not take risks that would pay off in the long run. That’s why, at times, we need a helping hand when it comes to the “Woulda Coulda Shoulda” situations in which video games present to us time and time again. So here’s 10 tips to help you make your journey easier and less taxing in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

NOTE: This article contains slight spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

maxresdefaultBe A Spoopy Ghost
With multiple ways to engage the diverse array of scenarios that Mankind Divided throws at you, it can be hard to ascertain what the “correct” approach is. And usually, it’s whatever method pleases you most. Run and gun or play it safe and stealthy, you’re call. However, it’s obvious that Mankind Divided pushes you more in the direction of being stealthy than that of being aggressive. With bonus experience being rewarded for getting through an entire mission without being seen or setting off an alarm, it’s an obvious choice for those looking to level fast . Being more merciful to enemies -knocking them out rather than killing them- will net you a slight increase in EXP overall. The EXP comparison between killing and being a saint isn’t phenomenal but it can mean the difference between a level up or two in the long run.

Be A Social Sleuth
On occasion you’ll approach , or be approached, by individuals wanting your help or  those that plan to murder your mechanical self. Whatever the scenario, you’ll be given the choice to talk your way out of it or convince said individual to come round to your way of thinking. And the best way to grant your desired outcome is the C.A.S.I.E augmentation. This augmentation allows the player to read and deconstruct a character’s awareness, personality, heart rate, and even stress levels; manipulating the NPC to do as you wish. So when faced with difficult context sensitive conversations that could mean gaining a crucial plot point or even just avoiding an all out firefight, you’ll be glad you invested in the C.A.S.I.E mod. So buy it as soon as you can.

Oomph, Ugh, Where is it?
3096228-dxmd_2016_07_18_preview_online-43The city of Prague, and the several locations you visit during your time with TF29, will contain their fair share of secrets. Taking the time out to look for out-of-the-way ventilation shafts, breakable walls, and secret doors will benefit you greatly. Not only will these areas usually help circumvent a large area of bad guys, they will usually contain a load of goodies for you to pocket. In Prague there are many unoccupied households which you can enter and a plethora side streets to search. Stacking up on all the items you find will ensure you aren’t needing later on. It’s also wise to pay careful attention to your surroundings, areas which seem out of bounds may not be and will contain rare items or even the now elusive Praxis Kit. Finally, you may even want to double back on an area you found a shortcut around. Clearing a room of hostiles and having a gander around desks, cabinets and other contents occupied in dangerous territory could yield surprising valuables.

Script Kiddie
Hacking is a huge part of Mankind Divided; arguably more so than anything else. Hacking will be your go to means of ascertaining intel on missions and general negotiation of environments. Having an access code or Multitool to quickly input/bypass into a computer or data pad is fine and well if you’re in a rush but if you have the time, hack it! This is another scenario where “Breaking and Entering” or “Entering without Breaking” offer up similar EXP pools, so at first glance there isn’t much to it. But if you manage to snag any of the Data Nodes within the hacking mini game then you’ll be rewarded with additional EXP, Credits or even some Hacking Software for help in future attempts. With a gargantuan amount of devices to hack in Mankind Divided you’ll be min/maxing with the best of them in no time with this approach.

Make Use Of You’re Crippled Self
DXMD_2015_10_08_1stHandsOn_screen_ONLINE_025.0At the very start of the game Adam Jensen will be in a bit of a rut, physically speaking. Mr Jensen’s augmentations have been put through the spinner and came out the other end worse for wear. So, you’ll need to meet your friendly neighbourhood aug expert and have them fixed, or for gameplay experience reasons, reset to factory defaults. This means Jenson is back to square one. All those fancy augs you had in the tutorial mission are gone and you’re going have to work your way back up. This can be an extreme hindrance early on as the most secretive areas and side routes will require Jenson to make use of some of his niftier augmentations. Beneficial augs that allow you to gain extra height when jumping, lifting heavy objects, surviving hazardous areas and most importantly a high hacking skill, will all be required to access these bonus areas. But if you hold off on your mechanical hygiene appointment for as long as you can, the better. Even though you’re HUD is going haywire, you’re augmentations are still functioning perfectly fine -for the most part. Heavy lifting, and high jumping are still on the cards – which is more than enough to get you started on the path to consolidating your Praxis Kits. If you’ve thoroughly searched Prague up and down then by the time you make you’re appointment you should have at least 10 Praxis Kits ,if not more, to install after the reset. A long shortcut to success.

There Are No Physical Limitations
Continuing on from the last point, when your factory defaults are reset a plot point awakens. Adam Jensen has some unique and unknown dormant augmentations, ones he can’t remember getting. These game changing modifications come at a cost though. The more you install the more unstable Jensen’s frame becomes and starts to hurt his performance. However, shortly after you are given a side mission to retrieve a Neuroplasticity Calibrator that lets Jensen activate as many of his foreign augments as he likes. As this is a side mission that can easily be forgotten about or just plainly avoided, it’s best to take it on as a priority. If you took note of the top tip “Being a Spoopy Ghost” and opted for a stealth playthrough then this tip may not be that important, as all Jensen’s aftermarket mods are primarily offense based. As a rule of thumb, don’t invest in any of the experimental augmentations until you find install this limit breaker, as you’ll be asked to permanently uninstall a potential future upgrade. Regardless, it would be a shame to miss a crucial component of Jensen’s cybernetic capabilities.

Retracing Your Steps
Deus-Ex-Mankind-Divided-Ingame-Screenshot-3Jenson’s time with TF29 takes him far and wide, but at the end of every tough mission Jenson must return home, to Prague. With every revisit to Prague you will no doubt see visible changes in scenery; day to night, semi-peaceful to violent. And with every change in scenery, comes a change in opportunities. Places that you had visited once before may now be populated with new NPC’s to interact with and find additional objectives to complete. This all may be self explanatory to some, as once you head out on one of many pivotal missions Deus Ex: Mankind Divded informs you that your side quests will be null and void if not complete. However, the one thing that you may not have noticed is that containers are now restocked. Things like dressers, cabinets and other item containers will have new stuff for you to snag up – possibly earning you more credits. So put this knowledge to good use.

Gold Digger
On the topic of money, Mankind Divided can be very generous when it comes to handing over Credits. Credits are Mankind Divided’s main source of currency and if you are a very reserved player, money will never be an issue . But, if you see yourself going through HypoStims, Biocells, and Hacking Software in a flash then you’ll need to stock up from time to time. And if you aren’t the type to scrounge around, looking in every little nook and cranny, then you may be strapped for cash at one time or another. A neat little way to amass loads of cash is to sell weaponry, as they can sell any where from 400+ Credits. The important thing to note is that if you pick up two of the same piece of weaponry then that second piece will be converted to ammunition in your inventory and sell for much less. So if you wish to make a profit then sell weapons individually and return and pick up weapons you miss, back and forth etc. This may be long winded and dull, but it can save you from having to go out of your way in the city of Prague to earn you that precious dollah. You can also sell your precious Neuropozyne for 1000 Credits each and since Neuropozyne is only really beneficial for giving you clues as to where abouts you can find new objectives then it’s not much of a loss, as you can freely find them anyway. No drugs required.

Eye Can See Everything!
Deus-Ex-Mankind-Divided-Debate-ScreenSmart Vision will be your most used augmentation within Mankind Divided, or it should be. With its ability to see through walls, highlight important interactables and, if upgraded enough, can spot items and unique objects at a distance. Never underestimate how useful Smart Vision is. Unclouding your vision and allowing you to see breakable walls to sidestep a room or two. Displaying heat signatures of enemies lying in wait around the corner. And even allowing you to see the circumference of a hazardous environment. Whichever way you plan to play Mankind Divided, play it smart.

The most fundamental and obvious tip on this list, save often! With videogames implementing autosaves as a standard feature in this generation it’s hard to take note of the manual save function, relying on the CPU to take charge. Although Mankind Divided’s autosave is generous enough, it can still place you back a good five or ten minutes of collecting goodies and hacking. Make good use of the manual save option and do so before you think you’ll face a critical conversation with a tough choice. Or even just after you have amassed a mountain of items that you’re afraid of losing. Whatever the case, save.

deus-ex-mankind-divided-cd-key-3246-2Hopefully with some of these helpful tips and tricks the world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has become a less troublesome place for you.  Just keep in mind that these tips are only meant to help guide you and not overall dictate the way you should play. After all, the game is shaped by your own decisions, so go nuts and have fun!

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