Top 10 Cards for Whispers of the Old Gods

It’s that time again, Hearthstone has released a whole new set of meta defining cards and along with it a new set of features to salivate over as we open a whole series of packs in the coming weeks. So what cards stand out so far and why? We hope to answer this in the following feature.

  1. cthunC’thun – C’thun in terms of stats is a bit of a let-down at first- like a 6/6 for 10 mana and a 6 shot arcane missle is nothing to write home about. But the number of cards that have synergy with him and boost his overall stats and ultimately that insane arcane missile type effect when played. Not only does this seem ridiculously strong from the get go, it also creates a meta in which players will hold off removal to deal with him in longer and more control based matches which could result in normal BGH or removal targets getting a free pass for fear of the impeding C’thun. This card alone could be the ultimate meta defining card.


  1. EvolveEvolve – Evolve adds a great tonne of value to Shaman decks in an expansion that sees Shamans gain a great deal of brilliant cards without any nerfs to their standard set, unlike other classes. Evolve takes whatever lies on the board and upgrades those friendly minions, adding an unprecedented amount of value. Working as both a heal and potentially an up-scaling on minions stats for an unbelievably low cost. Of course there is a downside if one of your totems turns in to a Doomsayer when you least expect it, but it’s a calculated risk that will pay off more than it lets you down.


  1. Whispers of the old gods Master
    Master of Evolution – Master of Evolution serves as a further compliment to the Evolve card, allowing players to selectively upgrade chosen minions that may have had a great battlecry but serve no other purpose beyond that. Furthermore Master of Evolution provides Chillwind Yeti like stats to boot. Personally I don’t feel it is as strong as Evolve, but it definitely holds potential to become a Shaman staple.


  1. CorrupterN’Zoth, the Corruptor – N’Zoth’s ability to resurrect minions with deathrattle abilities late game could prove vital in certain decks. Although Feign Death might be out the door for Hunters there is a chance that N’Zoth could find its way to the slot previously occupied in these decks. With the added bonus of being a neutral card N’Zoth also has a place in so many decks that could add a great deal of value to almost any class and pave the way for new death rattle decks in the process. It’s the perfect substitute in a resurrection Shaman deck too seeing as Kel’Thuzad is no longer viable in Standard


  1. FandralFandral Staghelm – Fandral is quite an easy card to justify in terms of what it offers. No longer will Druids struggle between whether or not to silence or kill key minions with the newly nerfed Keeper of the Grove, if drawing with Nourish is better than the two new mana crystals, or if it’s best to charge or taunt with Druid of the Claw. You can now have both! It’s the Hearthstone equivalent of having your cake and eating it. It’s also a 3/5 which allows you to trade reasonably well with other minions.


  1. EternalEternal Sentinel – Although Lava Shock is not quite out the door with the start of Standard/Wild it will be gone sooner or later. With the caveat that Shamans will now be more board focussed, rather than spell focussed, there is a great demand for another card that deals with overloaded mana crystals. And for a 3/2 for 2 mana Eternal Sentiel’s stat value is up there with the great two drops, easily.


  1. DoomcallerDoomcaller – At first glance Doomcaller might not be as striking in terms of buffs like other C’thun based cards, but on closer inspection you will realise that Doomcaller will probably not be played for its ability to buff C’thun. Doomcaller has the stats to be a legendary, and there is no questioning that. With the ability to resurrect C’Thun if you drop him early and the ability to run two Doomcallers in your deck his ability to trade with some great stats, and the fact that he presents himself as a tasty BGH target you will undoubtedly see him a lot in the coming weeks as C’thun decks and players find their footing.


  1. faceless-summonerFaceless Summoner – In terms of Facelss Summoner’s strengths they are very straight forward, for 6 mana you get a card with fairly reasonable stats and the potential to summon a great 3 drop alongside it. It’s hard to argue against value when reasoned that Faceless Summoner is essentially a 3 drop with great stats with the appendage that he drops a 3 drop upon summoning him. Obviously nothing is never as cut and dry as that, but in a tempo based Mage deck Faceless Summoner will add some potentially much needed minions.


  1. Twin EmperorTwin Emperor Vek’Lor – On its own you could argue that the Twin Emperor is awful and you would be right. Although with the amount of synergy with C’thun, which will undoubtedly see a lot of play, Twin Emperor becomes infinitely more viable so long as C’thun is still played. And buffing C’thun by 4 points before turn 7 should be a cake walk for these decks, resulting in 20 stats spread across 2 taunted minions that protect you precious face. This could be a showstopper against aggro and tempo based decks as two taunts with those stats could prove vital in turning the tides.


  1. Call_of_the_WildCall of the Wild – It’s all of the animal companions, what more could you ask for? By playing this you are already getting 9 mana worth of stats for 8 mana and it eliminates the random factor. More importantly the value of this card is greater with Leokk guaranteeing a buff to Huffer, allowing for 5 damage instantly alongside the board presence of 3 minions and a 5/4 taunt to deal with if you can’t kill Leokk. It give Hunter a decent amount of board presence late game and personally I love it, earning a spot on our list.


And there you have it, our predictions for the top 10 cards in Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. With a total of 134 new cards coming in to play and the divisive nature of Standard vs Wild it is hard to predict what the best cards will be and as time goes on new synergies with undoubtedly unfold, but the best part of getting new cards is trying them out in your own decks with your own theories. So here’s to another year of obsessing over every minute detail of our decks and the new expansion.

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