The Wee Things: Tekken 7’s Slow Motion

Games are such a multifaceted inventions. There’s so much to talk about and discuss. It’s nearly impossible to capture every in a review and sometimes a feature is a stretch too far to really talk about something. That’s why The Wee Things exists. The Wee Things is an ad hoc collection of bits and bobs that you can’t quite shake from memory, the first of which being Tekken 7’s slow motion system.

There are moments in games, big and small, that you always wish would last that bit longer. Your heart jumps up in to your mouth and words fail you. Regardless of how they come about, we all wish they’d last a little longer. Well, Tekken 7 does exactly that.

In the closing moments of a round, when two players enter a situation in which the next hit represents a kill for one (or both) players involved. The clock slows as limbs outstretch. Players inch forward in their seats and draw the deepest breath the entire set. The characters, like two choreographed dancers, draw closer to each other until the climax. Maybe on falls, maybe they don’t. It’s in that moment where you discover the real exhilaration that was never truly clear in previous instalments.

The slow motion mechanic is a thing of beauty and it can’t be contained, predicted, or continuously recreated. In tournament, it’s a rare occurrence that will be talked about in decades and in casuals it’s a chrysalis for a good time, and potentially salt, to talk about with your friends for the foreseeable future.

Obviously Tekken 7 is much bigger than just a slow motion mechanic. Even without slow motion there will always be highlights to talk about. Slow motion is just a wee thing. A magical wee thing.

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