Tekken 7 Beta Hits Arcades

That’s right folks, Tekken 7 is being played as we speak. As you read this salivating somebody is getting to try out the current roster and even coming to grips with the newly announced Claudio. As promised by Harada there will be a stream but for now all we have to go on is some shaky recorded videos and some nice photos of assets.

T7 Charcter selectOne big change to Tekken 7 that is instantly noticeable is the visual update, it looks pretty slick and the backgrounds are more vibrant than ever. In terms of character models everything in the beta looks a little shiny but that is most likely to change, what won’t change is the new hit sparks and the even less subtle confirmations of counter hits sparks. Through looking at the videos you may also realise that with the removal of the tag system characters bounce far higher after a floor break. A higher ground bounce allows your character enough time to fall and still land that meaty move or unblockable you had planned and got used to in Tekken Tag 2 or maybe even combo in to the new rage arts.

On top of these changes rage arts have also been seen in play. These moves are very similar to that of a super from other fighting games and include a cinematic move. So far we have seen Kazuya’s in which he transforms in to his devil form before firing off a fully charged laser in to the oppositions chest and we can assume the rest of the cast will have an equally as flashy and devastating rage art. This is the first time we have seen such a mechanic in Tekken and visually it looks amazing, it is even possible to combo in to these rage arts. Rage arts are only available later in the fight when your health bar indiciates it is possible to do so. You can see a rather shaky recording as a gif here.

There has also been the addition of power crush moves, these moves are very similar to the invincible moves in Tekken Revolution. By using a power crush move you can absorb as many attacks as possible by charging the mvoes given that you take the damage without dying. For those not familiar with TR or are more 2D focussed these moves can be compared to the recently added red focus of Ultra Street Fighter 4. There also appears to be more wake up options available as in the video you can see Kaz wake up with a low kick and then back roll while in the feet towards position as well as a change to the back roll.

On top of all these new mechanics Namco Bandai managed to sneak a new character in to the roster, Claudio. Not much has been said as of yet about Claudio but you can see his list of moves in the images. You may also notice Catalinas name has now been changed to Katarina as well as some new costumes on the returning characters.

More information is definitely going to come out of the next few days and for those not willing to wait there is going to be a stream on Nico Nico to showcase the build. I for one am a little disheartened Bruce never made it in but there is some speculation the a minimum of two more characters are to be added to the roster based on the current character select screen, but if these are spaces for new characters that is even more exciting. As previously stated this is a beta build and anything can be changed. The only thing that is certain is that we are getting a new Tekken and it looks fantastic.

T7 Move list

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