RG Podcast S2E1: Sequeling For More

Like all good series, our first podcast season was cut short. A combination of large upload files for the initial few podcast episodes and even longer run times meant that at the end of episode 8 you were almost left with a cliffhanger. Fortunately we are back and better than ever.

The second season of the ReadersGambit podcast is bringing back all the things you love, mainly Scotch Rat, and something a little different to the table in the form of themes. To start us off and to continue the theme of a second season we decided to go off tangents based on our favourite sequels and the titles we thought deserved sequels that never got them. On top of that we talk about the usual stuff, like gaming news and what we have been playing as well as our standard recording issues, sorry guys!

Like all good games journalists, we like to ask you for the answers. So, if there is a theme you would like us to cover you can find us on Twitter @ReadersGambit or drop us an email on editors@readersgambit.com.

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