It’s Quiz Time (Playstation 4 Review)

The minds that brought you Buzz! have been busy putting together the next big party quiz game with It’s Quiz Time. Now I’m pretty sure this is currently one of the biggest quiz games out at the moment with over 4,000 categories and just under 30,000 questions– enough to play potentially hundreds of games without any of them repeating. If you love a bar trivia quiz, this game is definitely one you may wish to consider adding to your collection at home for games nights, family time, date night, basically any time you fancy testing your knowledge.

Taking you through each round is the AI quizmaster Salli, who you’ll quickly discover is not afraid to throw some shade your way. There were numerous mentions of when I was in last place or referencing my “advanced age”, I’m assuming to make sure that I didn’t forget.

For the main multiplayer game, up to 8 people can play through 6 rounds to gain as many points as possible and be crowned the most knowledgeable amongst your group. It’s Quiz Time requires you to download the companion app to play the game, where you’ll also need to create your own profile, but this also keeps track of your performance through the games you’ve played. This also means if you’re a quiz genius, you’ll have all your winning stats saved to show off at any time.

A side note for the app is that it does ask you which pronoun you prefer but there is the inclusion of the pronoun for they/them which is a welcome addition.

Each multiplayer round will always start with The Starter Round, consisting of 10 questions, with rounds 2, 3 and 4 alternating between the various other categories and the final two rounds always being Showdown and The Big Finish. With the number of categories, It’s Quiz Time has even with the limited game rounds you’ll rarely get bored with back to back games.

If you do find yourself wanting some solo play on It’s Quiz Time, there is a solo option. You’ll be asked 30 general knowledge questions, with a few specialist questions from your chosen subject at the start of the round, with the aim to get on that solo player leaderboard. As of writing this, I’m in position 17 of 139 players on the leaderboard, but I’m convinced this won’t last. The leaderboards also show the top 5 countries for fastest answers as well as the top 5 smartest countries which is a nice touch.

For any streamers out there, you’ve got the option of hosting a Live Show that gives you the chance of competing in games with your viewers over Twitch or YouTube.

There are a couple of additions to the game that I feel make the game one of more inclusive games I’ve played. As I’ve mentioned before there’s a gender neutral pronoun in the app but there’s also a family friendly option, automatically enabled in the options, that will prioritise question for any players that are under 16. This option makes it easier to have a family quiz night without the worry of any questions being difficult for younger players.

I did come across a bug where it would reach the end of round 5 and stop loading, only showing Salli dancing on the screen. Quitting out from the app only removed me the game but didn’t do anything to It’s Quiz Time itself meaning I had to close the game altogether. It only happened a couple of times so doesn’t seem like it’ll be a regular occurrence.

It’s Quiz Time is a great way to spend some time with family and mates with plenty of questions and categories that will keep it fresh for a long while with the bonus of it being highly accessible for younger players thanks to the family friendly option.

It's Quiz Time





  • Plenty of questions to test your knowledge
  • Salli the sassy AI
  • Highly inclusive


  • Occasional bug between rounds

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