Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (Xbox 360 Review)

When you were young your mother would always warn you that too much television would give you square eyes. It would almost seem fitting for this unbelievably addictive game to cause such a condition with its rather blocky outlook on life.

minecraft 2Minecraft is every indy developers dream. It shot to fame in late 2011 with a very small team and large dreams. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, highlighted by blog sites like Moravian West, the game has seen continuous updates on several different platforms, the most recent of which is the Xbox Live marketplace. With such a buzz about the game it has went on to smash expectations reaching over 1 million downloads on XBLA alone.

The game is based on a randomly generated map; a sandbox in which you can build whatever you may desire. This could be a simple construct such as a house or something as elaborate as a replica of the millennium falcon. Although there is no direct story, the universe is what you make it.

The graphics are nothing to gawk at as they are very simple and the texturing is comically retro but therein lies the charm. Such a simple and basic palette can be used by a veteran crafter to create some buildings you would struggle to comprehend in real life let alone in a world comprised of cubes.

As you make your way through the expansive sandbox you realize that the worlds are at your fingertips. Countless hours can be lost and days can drop off your calendar as you dig in search of the ever-elusive diamond resource or trying to kill enough cows to build a full leather suit. A large part of this can be contributed to the absolutely splendid soundtrack. The melodic sounds relax and soothe you as you start to delve into the world.

Minecraft 1There are no real objectives to the game instead the player is fuelled by their creativity and a will to survive, or to troll others in their own worlds if you really must. The achievements in-game can serve as objectives, but on the whole, the game is a vast sandbox in which you can do whatever you like. Unfortunately, the maps are constrained to a size of 1024×1024 which is tiny in comparison to the much larger maps available on PC. That being said there is still plenty to do and since the Xbox game is several versions behind the current PC build there have been rumors of planned expansions and title updates if the game is successful enough.

Minecraft is a joy to play and you can get lost in such a large game. It is more suited to the creative types as without a vivid imagination you can sometimes feel lost for something to do. Played with friends you will usually find some flamboyant task to undertake and if it turns out well you might just feel like you have accomplished something albeit in your underwear most likely. As soon as you really start to become entrenched by the game (which you will), you can start getting your minecraft hosting to add to the endless list of possible activities you can complete. Correspondingly, Minecraft servers are a popular way to explore this game in a unique and challenging way. Want to play through Minecraft worlds created by other players? Check out the Epic Minecraft Servers website for an overview of some of the most popular servers. Ultimately, if you love to explore and create this game is definitely up your blocky alley, so make sure you pick it up and support one of this generation’s biggest Indy hits.

Minecraft : Xbox 360 Edition



  • Limitless Possibilites
  • Sheep Punching


  • Creepers
  • Behind on PC version

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