Our Marvel Versus Capcom: Infinite Wishlist

There’s no hiding that I am a massive Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 fan. I’ve lived and breathed the franchise since its release and both franchises have held a special place in my heart for longer than I can remember. All hope was lost when Capcom’s license ran out a few years ago and the Versus titles started to disappear from the digital realm. And then PSX 2016 happened.

marvel-vs-capcom-infiniteWithin 3 minutes I was overcome with emotion, not only did I have my beloved UMvC3 on next gen consoles, but I would also have a whole new title to look forward to. A new game for a new generation. So I got to thinking, who would I love to see in Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. We already have Morrigan, Iron Man, Ryu, and Megaman but who else would make the game complete? Well that’s we aim to do here with our 5 favourites that we want to see in MvC:I from each side.


537bcb1133fd7What’s a Marvel vs Capcom game without the admantium skeleton wielding member of the X-men? A bad one. There hasn’t been an entry since X-Men vs. Street Fighter that Logan has sat out. Magneto might be the king of MvC2, but Wolverine trumps him in appearances made. Wolverine is a natural brawler that gives as good as he takes, if not better, and that’s exactly what you want in a fighting game – even if he is currently dead in the MCU.


u8tr5mojpbnytvuyxlspI’ll be the first to admit it, I am a total sucked for Marvel’s gun toting sociopath and his need for vengeance. The Punisher has never really had a chance to shine in videogames, be it in Marvel Ultimate Alliance or his own games. With an expertise in ballistics and close quarters combat he would fit nicely in a number of the archetypes we see in fighting games. Plus he is set to get his own Netflix season in the next year and stands to gain a lot of popularity in doing so.


538caf3a6c767For a monosyllabic piece of sentient wood, Groot has a lot of charm. Anyone with a heart that went to see Guardians of the Galaxy knows that it might be Vin Diesel’s best role and left the cinema with a jaw aching smile – courtesy of baby Groot’s dance moves. UMvC3 had Rocket Racoon, presumably an early indicator of who Marvel thought would steal the show in GotG, but post release it was quite clearly Groot’s movie. Groot would be ideal as a character to counteract Dhalsim with long stretchy limbs made of bark or act as Marvel’s grappler in anticipation of GotG2.


venomEvery game needs an edgelord and you don’t get much edgier than Venom. From temporary mood swings to outright screws loose, Venom has the whole spectrum of antagonist covered, he even plays the hero these days to make sure all his bases are covered. Venom isn’t a stranger to the Versus series either, previous entries have him splashing across the screen and having some really interesting animations and moves that would be amazing if implemented well in MvC:I.

Iron Fist

ironfist-header2Last, but by no means least, on the Marvel side of characters in our top 10 characters goes to Iron Fist. In UMvC3 Iron Fist was a wasted slot, he was an underutilised character and the mechanics didn’t really suit him – especially with his limited aerial abilities. But with a new game comes new beginnings. Iron Fist, like The Punisher, is gearing up for his own series in Marvel’s current universe and seeing him grab the spotlight in a better way would be ideal. Iron Fist’s abilities are directly derived from Martial Arts and his Asian influences would put him against Capcom’s fighters perfectly. If he makes the cut I can only hope he isn’t left in a rut like UMvC3.


asuras-wrath-full-1389956Asura was a shoe in for UMvC3, he had all the key compenents; over the top anime looks, elaborate moves, and punches that could destroy planets. Yet when UMvC3 announced the expansion of UMvC3’s cast, Asura was nowhere to be seen. It was odd for a hot new IP that belonged to Capcom to be completely shunned in favour of Firebrand. So Asura needs to get a look in during MvC:I, if only to make up for the travesty of being left out of UMvC3.

Jon Talbain

10311ea89b9097cff672e651c2ea9f95Anybody who has played UMvC3 competitively will probably be sick to death of a specific Darkstalkers character, it’s not Hsien Ko, but why not find a new character to compliment Morrigan from Capcom’s long dead series? Jon Talbain was technically an alternate costume for Amaterasu but a full-fledged Jon Talbain would be great and maybe even gauge interest for Darkstalkers again – more so than that trailer we seen years back.

Frank West

2111989-169_ultimatemvc3_gamersday_frankwest_ot_uk_103111Frank’s my boy, through and through. Since his appearance in UMvC3, I persevered to get him to work with Iron Man and eventually made it work. As far as modern Capcom IPs go, he is a prominent figure for the company, even if his most recent game was total pants. There is something about levelling Frank up and crafting a team that best fits him, although it’s hard to say it would work in a game that’s 2v2 without assists. In all honesty I just want a character that I’ve loved for years to make it in another game and for him to be given free reign with his chainsaws again.

Date Masamune

date_masamune_by_reenboww-d3z5mx3The Sengoku Basara series doesn’t have much sway in the west when it comes to releases, but it is by far one of the most interesting Capcom creations in recent memory. Rivalling the style of Tecmo Koei’s Warriors franchise you would expect Capcom to try and find a place for one of their main characters in at least one of their fighting games, but here we are sitting and waiting for boys with swords that aren’t part of the Devil May Cry series to be added.

Dummy Finger

dummyfinger-770x300_cThe Dummy Finger might be the most prominent character in Resident Evil. Honestly. If you were paying attention at the start of the year the Dummy Finger occupied more time on websites with positive appraisal and speculation that Street Fighter V. Writers speculated its use in every possible way and with each update of the Resident Evil 7 demo the players would return and Reddit posts would surface minutes later asking if the Dummy Finger had done anything yet. Well now is the Dummy Fingers’ time to shine and prove that it is more than an inanimate object.

It’s easy to pick outright shoe-ins for these types of games. The staples, the franchise regulars, and the new IPs – but that’s not where the fun is. The fun for these games is dreaming of your favourite characters from all across the spectrum coming head to head and exchanging fist for soul fist. So that’s why we have this list, these are the characters we would love to see no matter how likely they are. Well mostly, there might be one in there that’s a joke, might be.

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