Injustice 2 Player Spotlight: Ketchup & Mustard

If there was one game that really caught our eye at E3, it was Injustice. As massive comic fans it was amazing to see more characters come to life and old characters receive some much needed love. Over the course of the event we were treated to conferences discussing ideas, Ed Boon teasing more characters, in depth discussion of the armour system, and loads more. But with all this content came a lot of questions, so we caught up with Ketchup & Mustard to get the inside scoop on everything the know about Injustice 2.

When it comes to NetherRealm Studios there are no two players more recognisable than the UK’s very own Ketchup & Mustard. Throughout the years both of the twins have received accolades in Mortal Kombat 9, Mortal Kombat X, and Injustice while attaining sponsorship from companies like Razer and PPND – and that’s only skimming the surface when it comes to the Neal brothers. Out with playing games K&M are also accomplished casters for Mortal Kombat and have branched out in to games like Battleborn and Smite in their free time. You have undoubtedly stumbled across some of their content at some point and if not it truly is your loss.

Injustice-2-trailer-kryptonite-batman-aquamanQ. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us guys! How was your time at E3?

M. E3 was incredible, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember, so finally being able to experience it was kind of a dream come true really!

K.E3 was a fantastic experience, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so the opportunity presenting itself was certainly fortunate. Definitely want to go again if possible.

Q. Before we delve right in to the nitty gritty with Injustice 2, what other games stood out for you this year? And did you have any time to visit conferences?

M. Unfortunately we didn’t attend any conferences due to the days we arrived, but it didn’t change anything for us. Recore was a lot of fun plus we also got to check out Raam for the first time in KI which was pretty neat.

K.I wasn’t able to see any conferences as I got there as the expo section began, but aside from fighters, I was pumped for the reveal of Quake Champions. I love old school style shooters and have been rinsing Doom on PC.

Q. As avid fans of Mortal Kombat X, do you think those who only started playing NRS games with MKX will transition well to Injustice 2?

M. The transition to Injustice 2 from MKX will be the same as the transition from MK9 to Injustice 1, and we all know that it didn’t cause any major struggles with the community, so I expect it will be fine.

K. Those that played MK9 as their first fighter transitioned well to Injustice 1, this will probably be a repeat in my honest opinion. Combos in the game feel very similar, the only difference is movement. Those that started with MKX will need to get used to playing without the mobility of a run button.

Q. And what about those returning to Injustice 2, are things quite as how they remember them?

M. At first Injustice 2 is going to feel VERY familiar to players of the first, only with some new mechanics, polished visuals and more characters. If returning players use returning characters it’ll be way more familiar to them though.

K.I felt right at home playing Injustice 2. The mechanics are very similar with needed gameplay tweaks to stuff like the in game movement. Things feel a lot faster and the inclusion of air teching and the meter burn forward dash makes every character feel mobile. I’m looking forward to once again getting stuck into a new experience.

Q. It has only been 3 years since we last seen Injustice, but the visual quality has went up tenfold, how did it look up close while playing?

M. Close up the visuals were incredible, particularly the stages themselves, Gotham city had a real dark and gritty look but then had a Police spotlight that followed the players making them amazing etc, very impressive for early days.

K.Graphically, Injustice 2 is stunning. Especially the animations in game, characters like Grodd look insanely accurate to something you would see in an animated series or feature film. I’m the most impressed by the re-design of the clash animation. Things look a lot more intense and cinematic this time round.

2013480-672472_20121010_001Q. What were your first impressions of Injustice 2? Did you enjoy the new mechanics and additional meter stock?

M. It took a couple games to adjust, some mechanics are obviously very different to MK, namely universal B3/F3 for cast wide wallbouncing/armour but it was still super fun to get into again, Injustice always had 4 bars of meter!

K.Injustice was a totally fresh new experience for me as a fighting game player. It was a blank canvas for new players to get stuck in with no prior FG backgrounds. Injustice 2 has taken those same feelings and added even more depth for those looking to head in that direction of high level play.

Q. There is a distinct change in Aquaman’s animations and his look, did the same apply to other returning characters you got your hands on?

M. I actually didn’t play any of the returning characters at all, from what I heard from other players the returning characters had some significant changes but I wouldn’t know first hand.

K. I didn’t try any of the old characters, but I could clearly see that their base moves and strings were the same. This is a legacy title after all.

Q. And what of the new characters, did you enjoy playing as them? could Atrocitus be a potential main for you Ketchup?

M.The new characters fit into the game perfectly, if every new character that gets announced is implemented as well as the 3 we saw there then I’m really excited to see how big the roster gets.

K.Atrocitus is going to be a day one character for me, even more so now I’ve actually played him. His visuals and animations were super intriguing, as was the fact hes a giant red dude fuelled by rage, seemed fitting for me to play him. However, gameplay wise, he’s a ton of fun. Space control, good normals, pressure and zoning combined, frustrating to advance in on and highly punishing for impatient play.

injustice-2-atrocitus-feline-companion-is-much-stronger-than-you-think-1021670Q. If you could add any other characters to the roster, who would it be?

M. Mr Freeze/Ra’s Al Ghul/Black Mask, all about those cool Batman Villians!

K.I’m not a huge DC fan when it comes to knowing the entire universe, but I do like the Batman villains quite a lot. I mained Deathstroke in Injustice, so I would think NRS would take Deathstroke and replace him with Deadshot in Injustice 2, I would expect them to have similar fighting styles, and if that’s the case I’ll be sorted.

Q. And finally, how do you intend to send your opponents to the peaceful skeleton realm in Injustice 2?

M. Considering the games lack of violent finishing moves, I fear the peaceful Skeleton Realm will have to take a back seat until we can turn people into skellies again.

K.That entirely depends on what features the game includes. I never intended on that Quan Chi brutality being such a huge part of our old streaming rituals, let alone getting it in tournament on two separate large stages in front of everyone. I’m a big fan of in game stuff being attached to players and personalities, it helps link the game to the player, making it all seem like one big intertwined awesome package.

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