Hearthstone: Top 6 Karazhan Cards

It’s always customary to bring something to a house party, be it enough booze to fuel a night of regrets or a nice potted plant to warm a new house. Or you can do both and hope that one is appropriate. But it’s normally best to try and gauge what’s the best approach ahead of time, something that Ben Brode might not have considered with the latest Hearthstone expansion, well at least when it comes to Priests.

hearthstonekarazhan-930x511Thankfully One Night in Karazhan has a lot more to offer than a few disappointing cards. Hearthstone’s latest expansion is pretty much a piss up in a castle and it definitely feels like it. You have people being dingied at the door and others trying to sneak in a little extra, like any good house party. And there is also a whole load of mess being made in the name of fun. Although what cards will leave a lasting impression at the end of the night out? Well we are here to tell you our favourite picks for the set. And we know it’s not common to run a “Top 6”, but in the spirit of over the top theatrics and excess of parties we decided to push it just a little.

184px-Prince_Malchezaar(42031)_GoldPrince Malchezaar
Although the quality of the legendaries might be debatable, Malchezaar will definitely be an interesting addition if the meta tends towards a much slower pace. His ability to add 5 legendary cards to your deck, cards that aren’t already there, he will bolster fatigue decks by 1/6 and coupled alongside Elise Starseeker could allow players to last that bit longer than usual. The one massive downside is that Malchezaar will directly impact the likelihood of dead draws, which could be a massive factor in some match ups.

184px-Cloaked_Huntress(42050)Cloaked Huntress
The huntress is a personal favourite of mine. I always liked the idea of a secret based hunter and I believe that the class definitely has the ability to make use of the card. If you were to compare it to Mad Scientist, it might not be able to draw from the deck to play the spells. But if you start with a dead hand full of secrets it could also help massively. With synergies in both the midrange and in potential Yogg’n’load type decks I reckon we will see a load of variance in Hunters for the first few weeks of the expansion as many players experiment with what I think is a card with a load of value.

42025-firelands-portalFirelands Protal
As if Tempo Mage didn’t have enough in its arsenal already, eh? Blizzard gave them more spells to play with and this time for 7 mana you are able to get a 5 cost minion and cast a 5 damage spell that can target anything. The value and abilities of cards sitting in the 5 mana cost section are already fantastic so this will be an auto-include when it comes to heavier tempo decks and it will definitely pack a punch as 5 damage for 2 mana + a 5 cost minion in one card is really appealing. Plus it adds to the wonderfully random synergy of Yogg too. Everyone loves Yogg.

CuratorThe Curator
When looking at stats, the curator isn’t really the best available for a 7 mana taunt, but what he lacks in the taunt front he makes up for with his draw mechanic. In decks like Control Hunter (if it becomes a thing) and Control Warrior you could almost guarantee some great draws, like Ysera to play on curve, Savannah Highmane, Alexstraza, or some other really important cards depending on your decks structure. It might even be useful in Murloc Paladin as a stall and to try and get a valuable Murloc in hand prior to turn 10. Who knows! With the right synergy and a bit of creativity I think The Curator could pose a serious threat if played correctly.

Menagerie_WardenMenagerie Warden
Beast Druid is a deck that a lot of players wish would work. It seems to have some of the right cards and given the right tempo it can make a massive impact. Yet it never really manages to shine due to some of the beasts, like Malorne, not being viable in a faster deck. Menagerie Warden does go quite some way to remedy a few issues Druid has always had when it comes to board presence by allowing the duplication of a beast on the board. Coupled with a Stranglethorn Tiger, the Menagerie Warden could be devastating, providing a massive board presence when you are ahead and could provide the vital push Beast Druid needs to be that bit more viable.

NetherspiteNetherspite Historian
The last in our list, but by no means the least, is the Netherspite Historian. This little 1/3 will be able to stave off some faster and lower health decks like Zoo and Paladin, it will also be able to synergise well when a dragon is in hand and help to provide further activators for all those lovely dragon cards. Currently Dragon Warrior is one of the most frustrating decks in the game in regards to tempo bar Shaman and this could strengthen even further as well as potentially helping other dragon decks see a bit more play.

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  1. Good article! Looking forward to seeing the reality of these cards in the meta but this will do for now!