Hearthstone Top 16: Knights of the Frozen Throne Cards

It’s that time again, a whole new Hearthstone expansion has crept up on us and with it so does the average power of the set. With the Knights of the Frozen Throne, Hearthstone will see an unprecedented number of cards in the meta, going way above and beyond the card pool of any other year since release. That means that there will be a whole of new interactions and even deck archetypes breaking out across the board.

As a lead up to the release, we love to pick out our favourite cards from the latest expansion ahead of release and this expansion is no different. So, here are our top 16 (because we don’t do normal lists when it comes to Hearthstone) cards for the Frozen Throne.

1. Doomerang

With Weapon Rogue’s massive buff in the upcoming expansion nothing quite whets the appetite more than the ability to maximise your weapon usage and get a double swing in one turn. The applications of Doomerang are plenty and with it essentially repairing a damaged weapon and allowing you to swing twice in one turn, it was one of the more curious cards we decided to add to our list.

2. Righteous Protector

As far as 1 mana cost minions go, Righteous Protector is up there with the best. It’s Argent Squire with taunt in a class that greatly benefits from divine shields. Due to its low cost, Aggro decks will be hard pushed to deal with it and it could also protect valuable board states from efficient trades for an incredibly low cost in the late game. It’s not the most exciting card in the set, but it’s definitely a good one.

3. Defile

Warlock is one for self-destructive clears and Defile doubles down on that ethos. For 2 mana, there are a lot of applications in defile and playing it alongside a card like Possessed Villager would guarantee you a minimum of 3 procs to clear off some threatening early boards. It’s an interesting spell at the very least and combined with other Warlock cards and even spell damage it might prove to be one very interesting card. (RIP Dreadsteed)

4. Dead Man’s Hand

Remember the good old days of control and fatigue warrior? Long before there were pirates and 2 mana ragshots, there were horrendously long games that pushed your understanding of matchups to the brink. Well, those kind of decks might make a pseudo comeback. In control games you might be able to copy just enough cards to clutch out over a Freeze Mage or double up on a precious series of cards for a few late game combos, there are even discussions surfacing about potential infinites with two copies of Dead Man’s Hand. It certainly isn’t the best card in the set, but the fact that Dead Man’s Hand has the ability to revive some dead archetypes for Warrior means that it easily solidifies its place on our list.

5. Shadowblade

Another notch on the Weapon Rogue’s belt is Shadowblade. For 1 mana more than a Fiery War Axe you are granted immunity from smashing your face against one of those horrible minions on board. Coupled with the Doomerang, Rogue has finally found a way to preserve health while trading face for board presence. It doesn’t quite make up for the lack of heal that Rogue requires in some metas, but for 3 mana you could do a lot worse.

6. Deathspeaker

It’s a well rounded minion with an excellent effect. Allowing players to trade any minion the turn this played means that it will be an automatic pick for tempo decks that heavily rely on board presence and the bonus of 4 health means that it could trade favourably with others in the early game too.

7. RuneforgeHaunter

Another Weapon Rogue related card? Sure, why not. While Boomerang allows you to refresh, RuneforgeHaunter preserves it and prevents you losing durability on your turn. As long is the Haunter is in play, the only solution to your weapon is one of the various oozes, Bloodsail Corsair, or Harrison Jones. The stats aren’t too bad either, it’s very aggressively in regards to stats for 4 mana and perfectly follows Shadowblade as a tempo play.

8. Corpsetaker

The ultimate keyword sap, with the exception of poisonous – thank god. Although Corpsetaker has an unassuming statline, it makes up for it in forcing your opponent to deal with its presence. Shaping up as an auto-include in any paladin deck and Shaman decks that run Al’Akir, you’ll be seeing a lot of the Corpsetaker. There are so many applications and if your opponent fails to deal with it, the additional health gain will be the icing on the cake.

9. Ghastly Conjurer

Exodia mage, AKA Quest Mage, was a fringe deck when it first released but the inconsistency of spells and squeezing in the right cards proved a little too much to make it viable. Things like Cabalist Tomb and Primordial glyph could be a little clunky and it could take an age to complete the quest. Now you can get a guaranteed 1 mana spell (2 if you run two copies) that helps you push on with the quest. No to mention that a 2/6 could really help clear off pesky minions in more aggressive/zoo based decks.

10. Blood Razor

Another weapon for a class that wasn’t really lacking one, but the utility and instant whirlwind effect will act as another activator for cards like Sleep with the Fishes, Execute and the newly announced Rotface. Blood Razor might be one less attack than Fiery War Axe it will definitely see play and a lot of players will be experimenting with it upon the Frozen Throne’s release.

11. Thrall, Deathseer

The first, but certainly not the last, Death Knight in our list is Thrall and his insanely high value and impact on board state. Even unassuming totems could prove threatening if Shaman players land this on as little as 2/3 minions, while dodging the dread transformation of a totem into a Doomsayer. Currently Evolve Shaman is fairly threatening on ladder, but only time will tell if there is enough room to squeeze in the Deathseer.

12. The Lich King

The Lich King is a card you’ve seen 100 times before if you’ve ever looked at user created cards, but nobody quite imagined him like this. With the stats you’ve come to expect from any other high value minion, that’s 8 health and 8 attack for 8 mana, Lich King will also generate the player a Death Knight card at the end of their turn. This means you’re always guaranteed at least one Death Knight card and if Lich King sticks to the board he could singlehandedly swing games.

13. Rotface

Who doesn’t like summoning legendaries? Although Rotface isn’t quite as powerful as his 8 mana compatriots but combined with Warrior’s various damaging cards you could pull off some devastating combos that will flood the board with enough minions to make Rotface way more valuable than his initial cost. Let’s just hope the increasing pool of cards doesn’t dramatically hurt the legendaries he could summon.

14. Shadowreaper Anduin

We always knew that Anduin had a dark side, but nobody ever anticipated this. The synergy with cards like Raza and Lyra could see some really interesting decks created and the fact that the Hero Power refreshes and does chunks of damage is super interesting. Then you have the fact that Anduin’s ability to clear the board of all 5+ attack minions which is just the icing on the cak.

15. Frost Lich Jaina

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be now. We love the new Death Knight Heroes. Jaina is yet another card we are really keen to try out. Being able to sustain with elementals and creating more board presence if you are able to kill minions with your hero power is a great mechanic. It might be exactly what Elemental Mage needs in the late game to make it that bit more threatening.

16. Ultimate Infestation

Big Druid just got a BIG card. The value represented by Ultimate Infestation is insane. It’s like a Kazakus potion with 4 options with none of the downsides of running Kazakus based decks. As for applications outside of Big Druid, it’s a hard card to place with the exception of Ramp Druid, but as it should be an auto include in these decks we have picked it for our list.

Honourable mentions; Skulking Geist, Bone Drake, Forge of Souls, Blackguard, and Gnomeferatu.

This expansion has probably been one of the hardest to judge. There are more cards than ever and that means more variety.Which thankfully means there is potential to expand the number of viable decks tenfold. We are already itching to open as many as possible and hope you are too!

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