Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Top 10

The 24th of August is finally here, the moment that many avid Hearthstone players have been waiting for since the first announcements. Over the past few weeks many Hearthstone players have been theory crafting decks and keeping a keen eye on Blizzard’s latest card releases. We have joust mechanics, more dragons, and loads more to tempt us.

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As we all wait patiently with our mice firmly hovered over that 50 pack preorder bundle, so at ReadersGambit we thought it would be a great idea to right about our favourite cards from the release so far. As the cards are not quite released yet they hold no particular order in our list, and a lot of these cards are susceptible to a potentially massive shift in the meta. But we believe these cards could be the strong contenders for the best cards from Hearthstone’s The Grand Tournament expansion.

Hearthstoen Master Jouster1. Master Jouster – In the right circumstances this card is better than Sunwalker, which in control heavy meta is really hard to deal with slightly better stats and the joust mechanic. It could be a brilliant card but there is a risk to playing him, the extra attack and health he is definitely worth the risk. Although in a taunt riddled meta we could see the return of The Black Knight, to which Master Jouster is a prime target.

Hearthstone Twilight Guardian2. Twilight Guardian – When more dragon cards were announced many players thought that dragon synergy decks might be the way forward, in fact Kibler still does. Twilight Guardian when played with a dragon in hand is a 3/6 for 4 mana, which is the best taunt for value in the game. It will stave of the vast majority of minions in that range. Definitely a welcome inclusion from dragon players.

Hearthstone Varian Wrynn3. Varian Wrynn – Varian is the ultimate control card, instant value and board presence turn 10. If you can pull out Grommash, Ragnaros, or any other late game card without a battlecry wasted this card could win games. Unfortunately the downside is the potential of drawing in to cards that have vital battlecries (if they don’t proc) or just drawing rather poor cards for the late game.

Wilfred Fizzlebang Hearthstone4. Wilfred Fizzle Bang – Wilfred could be an amazing addition to Warlock, especially handlock if decks are stacked with high level minions. Although to get instant value you need to play him on turn 8. In comparison to Thaurissan this card could be awful but in the right handlock deck his value could be far greater than Thaurissan given a little help from RNGesus. I personally like Wilfred and he can get value even from an empty hand unlike the good Emperor, but time will tell. I might be too enamoured by free giants without the need to drop to dangerous health levels.

Hearthstone Healing Wave5. Healing Wave – Healing Wave is already a brilliant card without the joust mechanic, it’s 7 health for 3 mana which helps Shamans deal with more aggro focussed decks. With the joust mechanic we could see shamans recover from a hit from Alexstraza for 3 mana, that’s how strong this card is. In a control base meta this card could really turn around games.

Hearthstoen Thunder Bluff Variant6. Thunder Bluff Valiant – On his own Thunder Bluff Valiant isn’t great but brings a little more viability to the totem Shaman based decks, but when you consider the introduction of many of the new Shaman cards Thunder Bluff Valiant could be amazing. His ability to turn totems in a force to be reckoned with and Tuskarr’s ability to summon random totems means that Shaman could control the board amazingly well.

Hearthsteon Seal of Champions7. Seal of Champions – We have all encountered the fabled Eboladin recently and it can steam roll games in seconds. If aggro survives this card could replace Blessing of Kings in current decks. I can’t think of anything worse than clearing a turn 2 Shielded Minibot’s shield for it to be buffed and get the shield back turn 3. It could be nasty in the right decks.

Mysterious Challenger Hearthstone8. Mysterious Challenger – I have previously played a midrange variant of Secretadin and I could see Mysterious Challenger having some viability in this deck and gets instant value. The issue with Mysterious Challenger is that he might be drawn too late to make any meaningful impact considering the deck gets a lot of mileage from Mad Scientists

Hearthstone Rhonin9. Rhonin – Rhonin is a great legendary for the midrange tempo Mage. His deathrattle gives you the ability to drop at least 9 damage, 15 with a Flamewaker in hand. That’s insane value. Although because of the 7 attack value he would certainly be a Big Game Hunter target in a deck that doesn’t run a lot of targets. Rhonin also has great synergy with Antonidas due to the cheap spells he produces without costing precious spaces in the deck.

Hearthstone Darnassus Aspirant10. Darnassus Aspirant – Darnassus Aspirant is a brilliant way to introduce more ramp to ramp druids. Being able to both play a minion with decent health and gain an additional mana crystal is a brilliant addition to the Druid class. The only downside to this card is that if dealt with by immediate removal your next turn might be at risk. Although getting another class to waste valuable removal is always great.

With only a few hours to go we can’t wait to try out the decks we’ve been making in our heads. There are so many unanswered questions and potential dark horses in the latest expansion that it may be too soon to tell what cards will emerge as the best in the new meta. So here’s to TGT and the completely bonkers meta that will follow in the coming weeks.

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