Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain’s Top 5 Cards

As Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain draws to a close we thought it would be a good idea to look over what the arguably most broken cards in the game could be. Thankfully unlike the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion you don’t need to save up your dust for the best cards, you can just earn gold to buy the wings or splash the cash for a great adventure steeped in charm and cards.

5. Druid of the Flame:

Druid of the Flame HearthstoneAll hail the king of trades! Druid of the Flame is definitely an MVP in my Double Combo deck. His ability to trade with minions and survive a great number of turns early on makes him an amazing assets. If I manage to start a game against hunter with innervate and this card in my hand I can almost guarantee the win. For that reason alone he makes my top 5. Although in saying that the card can also trade amazingly well as a 5 if you use it to clear a pesky 5 health minion from behind one of your taunts. There have been a few occasions in which this card has saved me on an expensive Thaurissan or Loatheb trade with enough room to secure more board control.

4. Grim Patron:

Grim Patron HearthstoneGrim Patron has to be one of the most frustrating cards I have ever had to deal with. Not many classes can utilise it but when you come across a Warrior running a deck dedicated to this card you might struggle to keep up. I absolutely love that this card has changed the way we play Warrior, instead of the stale formula of playing an extremely heavy and expensive control deck we can be surprised by an army of patrons in one turn. If your deck doesn’t have appropriate clear then I am sad to say it might be GGs for you.

3. Gang Up:

Gang Up HearthstoneHearthstone has seen its fair share of mill decks throughout the meta and past seasons but unfortunately Mill Rogue just fell off the face of the Hearth. Thanks to gang up we have seen a revitalised interpretation of Mill Rogue. Gang not only works on your minions but can copy the opponents, creating three copies of card you didn’t have in your deck. This card adds so much versatility to the deck that it becomes an absolute delight to play. You can now create more opportunities with the few vital cards Mill Rogue has to play with and bolster your deck to avoid fatigue at the same time. Obviously this card can be applied in more than just Mill Rogue but because of the application it has with the deck structure I completely fell in love with it. Especially when I was able to steal my opponents Ragnaros in a deck that wasn’t Priest and kill them with it.

2. Quick Shot:

Quick Shot HearthstoneBlizzard giveth, and Blizzard taketh away is the mantra of the face hunters across the world. On occasion Face Hunter was one of the most dominant decks that was single-handedly destroyed by constant nerfs. But as soon as Blizzard slammed the nerf hammer down they quickly backtracked and gave our bow wielding nemesis a shiny new card; Quick Shot. Quick Shot allows Hunters to empty their hands completely and provides the value of a frost bolt with draw when you have no other cards. It is insanely strong in face hunter and can also help top deck crucial cards in the mid game when you try and close out a win. This card was so good that I went back to playing Hunter, yes I am ashamed but they were the easiest ranks I ever gained.

1. Emperor Thaurissan:

Emperor Thaurissan HearthstoneWhen a card becomes an auto-include to msot decks in Hearthstone you know it is probably the strongest card available at the time, or the most “balanced”. Much like Doctor Boom in GvG, Emperor Thaurissan has wormed his way in to the vast majority of decks in the current meta. The value you can get from this card can be a game changer, even if he is out for one turn it is the equivalent of having coin for every card in your hand. I personally run him in a double combo Druid deck, play him at the right time and I could be threatening lethal turn 7 as opposed to turn 9. Personally I believe this card to be a staple in any deck that isn’t a rush deck or mill deck, he is powerful that your opponent is usually forced to tackle him as soon as he comes in to play.

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