Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 (Playstation 4 Review)

There’s been a bit of an ongoing discussion on how new content for fighting games should be brought in. Season passes have become more of a recurring trend in Capcom and Netherrealm Studios titles, and have received more criticism than praise it would seem. Arc System Works, however, have continued the formula they’ve stood by since the early 2000s with both Blazblue and Guilty Gear, with Xrd Revelator 2 being the latest update to the latter. Revelator 2 is a more small scale update compared to the original, having more changes than actual additions. The good news is that the update only costs about £16 if you already have a copy of Revelator.

The most obvious new additions for Revelator 2 are the two new characters. The returning veteran Baiken has been long-requested by fans of the series, since the trailer for the first version of Xrd was shown. The pink-haired cyclops samurai retains much of her features both in aesthetics and in gameplay, including her signature parry attacks. As well as having a pretty well-rounded toolkit, she boasts some mighty corner juggles. Any good Baiken player will have their opponent second guessing themselves on their own offence.

Answer is a brand-new addition to the Guilty Gear universe; a ninja who is also an extremely occupied businessman, almost always talking on his communicator to business associates and partners. It’s a bit more tricky to put a finger on what Answer’s play style is exactly, with him still being pretty new, but the endgame with him seems to be setting up scrolls. These allow Answer to use exclusive attacks which make his offence and juggle potential more dangerous. Both characters are definitely unique and interesting, and come with their own equally awesome stages and music theme. One can’t help be left wanting ArcSys to add one more new character to really make Revelator 2 more worthwhile of a purchase, though future DLC is a possibility.

Some of the returning cast of Xrd have gotten some changes, like Raven for example.. Raven’s unique excitement meter has been improved to make it more practical to use in-match. Whereas the meter only built when you did a certain stance (involving Raven doing some strange dancing) in Revelator, it now builds whenever you hit the opponent with one of Raven’s special moves, more of which now will strengthen the higher Raven’s excitement gauge. The main downside is now that the meter falls back to zero if you don’t land Raven’s special moves after a while, but it’s still a good trade-off for all the new additions it has, and it makes Raven feel like a new character in some regard.

Revelator 2 has little that’s actually new in terms of modes; there’s a few new bells and whistles such as being to switch characters immediately from the menu in practice mode, and a refreshed online menu. That aside, it has all the neat features that the original Revelator did: the excellent tutorial, mission and challenge modes. There is also the usual Arcade and Story mode if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Thankfully, any content that was completed or unlocked in Revelator will be carried over into Revelator 2, as well as any of the in-game currency earned. To repeat myself, Revelator 2 has more changes than additions, and won’t attract that many new players. If you don’t mind the of course there’s little reason not to purchase it.

Guilty Gear Rev 2





  • Baiken and Answer are interesting and unique characters
  • All that’s been good about the Guilty Gear Xrd series so far


  • Perhaps one more new character?
  • Very few new additions.

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