Grim Legends – The Forsaken Bride (Xbox One Review)

Grim Legends – The Forsaken Bride is the new/old game from developers Artifex Mundi. It’s new in the sense that it’s now out on consoles but also old due to the fact that it’s a port of their mobile game of the same name.Luckily it has transferred over to the console very well and doesn’t just feel like a mobile game on a bigger screen.

Grim Legends - Recipe MakingGrim Legends is a story driven puzzle game with a heavy fairy tale theme including the likes of magic, witches and even an swirly menacing abyss complete with abyss demon. Scary demonic voice also included.

The puzzles themselves aren’t too complex but they will require a lot of memory work as you will be going back and forward from various places trying to remember just where you saw that item you need for the potion you’re making. Chances are you will remember that you need to shear some weeds but will forget where said weeds appeared once you finally find the shears. It’s a big enough game where that can easily happen.

Grim Legends - Puzzle ExampleThe puzzles come in many different guises such as a simple point and click puzzle where the aim is to find everything on the list that appears on screen. This could be finding random items with the main item being amongst everything else, or looking for parts/shapes that are put together to create a much needed item that is needed elsewhere.

Some of these point and click puzzles will create items that will help with another set of puzzles to create potions! Some of the smaller puzzles can be a build-up to this and once you have found everything you’ll need to follow the instructions in the spell book. Just like a real witch! Minus the pointy hat. For the full immersive experience I recommend donning a pointy hat and get some mist flowing. Also recommended would be carrying this out during a full moon.

There are a couple of things provided to help you out in your puzzle quest and these come in the form of an hourglass hint item that will circle where an item is or what direction you should be going. This takes some time to recharge so you can’t spam it to quickly get you through any puzzles.

Grim Legends - KittenYou also have a kitten companion, unfortunately you don’t get to name him, that will either jump onto the screen to help you out automatically or make noise and a general fuss until you select him and tell him where to go. It’s a welcomed hint method as the hourglass method can get a little boring with it circling a general area.

Also included is the additional story mode titled: The Abyss which can be accessed once the main game is complete. This takes place not long after the conclusion of the main story and has similar puzzles to the main story. Luckily they aren’t too similar so it doesn’t get boring.

In The Abyss you have the choice of tackling the game on a casual or extreme setting and disappointingly the extreme difficulty doesn’t add much other than making the screen go fuzzy if you decide to spam the find button on the point and click puzzles. It also doesn’t make them any harder which is what I was looking for, alas, it was not meant to be.

Grim Legends is also quite short, but this is based on your ability to deal with puzzles. I would say I’m relatively decent at puzzlers and play them quite a lot, so this could be down to me playing these kind of games before that I managed to get through it at a quick pace.

4_wwwIn saying that the story itself is well paced and even though it was a little short I don’t see what else could have been added without it ruining the pace of the game or making it feel like it’s been extended just for the sake for it.

For the collectors amongst you there are hidden extras you will come across will carrying out your various tasks. There are only two but they add a little extra fantasy to Grim Legends. First there are faeries, or fae depending on your view, basically tiny people with wings, and the more you collect the more you will fill in a kind of mural with faeries of all different shapes and sizes. It’s a nice piece once it’s complete.

Lastly is another set of pictures that will pop up from time to time that you will need to keep a sharp look out for. Each picture represents a scene from the story of Grim Legends and when it’s found a paragraph and picture section of the Grim Legends storybook will fill in. It completes the whole fairytale theme quite nicely.

Grim Legends - CollectionsIf you’re a puzzle fan this game will be right up your street. If you like fantasy/fairytale games & stories you should definitely consider giving this a go. If, like me, you’re a fan of both then you’ll have double the fun if you decide this is a game you can’t go without playing any longer.

Editor’s Note: This review was written by @M_Targaryen on twitter, you can find ask him everything you want about the game there. If you are interested in his other work it can be found at TheGameJar and XboxLiveGamerHub, so please give him a wee follow and a bit of support for helping us out here at ReadersGambit.

Grim Legends – The Forsaken Bride





  • Strong Fantasy Storyline
  • Challenging But Fair Puzzles
  • Kitten Helper


  • Quite Short Even With The Abyss
  • Harder Difficulty Adds Nothing New

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