Games For 2016

As 2015 draws to a close we start to look forward to the coming year and everything it brings with it. The lull in new releases allows us time to catch up on those unplayed gems and work a little overtime to get funds together for the busy gaming periods that lie ahead. So what games are we keeping an eye out for in 2016?

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 should be a staple of any From Software fan in the year 2016. As 2015 continued we were drip fed with playable betas and teases left right and centre. There is just so much to take in from viewing the most simple of Dark Souls 3 trailers and every one has us excited. Due out at the tail end of March in Japan and the rest of the world in early April, Dark Souls 3 couldn’t come soon enough.

Street Fighter 5 cover

Street Fighter V

It’s been 7 long years since Street Fighter 4 revitalised the scene, bringing it back from the brink, and now Street Fighter V aims to add a fresh look on the series and make it more accessible for all while bringing it in to the 21st century with fight money and new delivery methods for characters never seen in the series before. We have already been extremely fortunate to have participated in the SF V betas and seen the game come from strength to strength, so come February 16th we will rise up to the challenge.

No Man’s Sky

From the word “go” No Man’s Sky has been one of the most promising and gorgeous games I have seen in years. The promises of procedural generated landscapes and astounding environments is enough to grab your attention and promise away weeks of before you have ever had a hands on. We had previously hoped it would surface in 2015, but as the No Man’s Sky gained steam it seemed that, just like the game itself, our hopes of a release date were very ambitious. With no confirmed release date yet we hope 2016 will herald in a new generation of galaxy explorers with No Man’s Sky.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Survival shooters are nothing new in gaming, but a third person shooter MMO on consoles most certainly is. Although we were not completely impressed with what The Division had to offer at EGX this year it is still shaping up to be one awesome looking game. So as more information trickles out about destructible environments and “Dark Zones” we can’t help but get excited about the supposed March release date and hope it doesn’t get pushed back yet again.


Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 has pretty much been kept in the dark, both metaphorically and literally based on the murky trailer shown at E3 2015. Although with no major first party titles aimed at the Q4 of 2016 we can assume that this might be the year of Gears 4, especially since they squeeze in a little advert on the tv every now and then.


It’s been over 10 whole years since we’ve seen the release of a new DOOM game and maybe for good reason. DOOM’s last outing wasn’t the most positively received due to its change in slower paced gameplay and developers id weren’t sure how to tackle that front with newer generations of FPS games coming out left, right and centre changing what gamers expect from the genre. Luckily id and Bethesda have combined their intellectual minds and come together to bring us a new revitalised DOOM come 2016, one which will hopefully have us ripping Imps limb from limb.


Platinum Games are currently one of the most sought after developers in the business. Having previously worked on some truly impressive titles, such as Vanquish and Transformers Devastation, Platinum have ditched the more high tech side of their designs and moved on to some truly awe-inspiring dragons and swords in their action role-playing game Scalebound. Due out in the second half of 2016, we are eagerly awaiting more details on exactly how Scalebound will play out and would love more high octane action from Platinum Games.


Cuphead is definitely one of our most anticipated ID@Xbox games for 2016. When it was first introduced at E3 it oozed charm, every tiny little animation in this mix of bullet hell and adventure kept playing on our minds. The wait seemed insurmountable when faced with a 2016 launch date, but fortunately we got our hands on Cuphead at EGX and it affirmed our suspicions that Cuphead will be a game to remember, especially with co-op.


Robot Dogs, Keji Inafune, and Mark Pacini (the director of Metroid Prime) all in one project? That sounds like a recipe for greatness, not to mention that from the trailer it looks like ReCore may be fronted by a female engineer that can remove massive cores from other robots to power others to help her in her journey. Our first peek at ReCore came from the E3 2015 teaser trailer, but we are hoping it creeps out of the woodwork in 2016.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Converse to Cuphead, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst wasn’t really on our radar leading up to EGX, for us we had already experienced everything we thought we wanted from the series’ first title and it had little to offer above what we had already seen. Boy were we wrong. After playing a rather generous demo at EGX this year the date was etched in our minds for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, even with a few delays it still holds an early release date in the spring. Let’s just hope the dev team can flawlessly navigate any more obstacles, much like in their beautiful new title, to keep it on track.


Absolutely nobody would have predicted such an amazing and heartfelt game and developer would take to the stage during EA’s conference this year. It was obvious that nerves were running rampant as Yarny and his creator took to the stage and instantly won all of our hearts. This puzzle based platformer looks every bit as fun as it does charming. There isn’t much else we can say, we are totally blown away by the visuals and it can’t come out soon enough.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

CyberPunk has always been one of our favourite sub genres, be it movies or games. The sleek, dark elegance the genre protrudes helps drive the sense of conspiracy that surrounds the Deus Ex franchise’s main plot. With the cliffhanger of an ending(s) in Deus Ex: Human Revolution it’s interesting to see where Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will take place and how the story will continue to unravel. Let’s just hope it’s not something we didn’t ask for.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Before we start, Tekken 7 is already out in Arcades, in fact it has been out so long that many players might have even forgot it existed. Although recently Namco Bandai kicked it up a notch with their trailer of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution and showed long time Street Fighter bad guy Akuma entering the fray. This could be the year that we finally see Tekken 7 on home consoles with some additional content that we haven’t seen. I just hope that this most recent announcement is not an arcade only upgrade.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy: XV

The Final Fantasy series has had its share of ups and downs over the past decade. The removal of true turned based combat from the franchise was a huge factor in some of its least popular titles such as Final Fantasy: XII and onward. It seems Square Enix are sticking to their guns with Final Fantasy: XV and the Real Time Battle system (RTB) is staying put. This may be good news for some and bad for others. For us though it’s enough to at least peak our interest and with Final Fantasy: XV’s stellar visuals and flashy combat it still has the ability to surprise us.


By making a slightly controversial shift to the PC-only market, 2K games seem to be honing their deep and frustratingly addictive franchise to an extent we’ve never seen. After the critical acclaim of XCOM: Enemy Unknown it’s no wonder that the master race clan are frothing at the mouth between bouts of social justice intervention. Being a fairly early 2016 release (due out February 5th) there’s not long to wait for a game whose turn-based perfection will no doubt see you well into early 2017.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The original South Park game had something of a troubled start with delays and being taken back to the drawing board, thankfully with The Fractured But Whole it would seem that everything is on track and looking marvelous. We are a little nervous about a change in developer from Obsidian to Ubisoft San Fancisco, but we have faith in their ability to deliver. So keep your eyes peeled for Cartman and the gang returning to our consoles in 2016.

From a quick glance it would seem that the year is already packed, but we have barely scratched the surface of what is to offer during the year, and with more press conferences than ever we will undoubtedly see a few dark horses in the running that we have completely missed here. So here is to 2016, another jam packed year of gaming.

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