Dead Island 2 (EGX Preview)

Everyone remembers Dead Island, right? The decimated females busts, the horribly buggy gameplay and “Who do you voodoo, bitch”. Well it’s back and we managed to get a shot while wandering around the EGX floor.

Dead Island has now been passed from Techland to Yager Development, who are previously known for their work on Spec Ops: The Line and a few flight simulator related games. This is their first venture in to an RPG and action packed survival horror but they definitely get the gist of it.

Dead Island 2 is exactly what you would expect of the successor to Dead Island. There are kick ass weapon combos, massive zombie hordes and guys everywhere. In the alpha you mostly got to to with flammable substance and electrified knives to an alarming effect. I mostly stuck to the knife that melted away enemies flesh to the point that the bloodily and shockingly melted in front of your eyes.

The build on show was pre-alpha and was unfortunately without audio. Couple that alongside some drastic frame rate drops and execution issues. But there is definitely a certain level of charm still present and that’s the main reason why I played Dead Island in the first place; it was a change of pace and a sidestep from the nor

Dead Island 2 conceptDead Island has came a long way since it’s inception and rightfully so. There were a lot of missteps before finding it’s feet. Dead Island 2 looks to capitalise on these lessons with gratifyingly brutal executions and back stabs. Even the visual update from Dead Island is extremely impressive.

The world looks beautifully vibrant and even in the short demo there was a great amount to see and interact with. If the game lives up to the promises made by the alpha I will be very happy. Although with an estimated date of Spring 2015, we will have a while to wait.

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