15 Games for 2015 (Part 1)

With a new year comes new games. Next gen is currently outselling previous generations by this point in their cycle and loads of excited gamers will be sitting with the latest consoles as a festive gift eagerly looking forward to the following gaming year. So we have saved you the hassle of looking up everything about the coming year and comprised a brief list of everything you cannot afford to miss in the coming 12 months.

15. Final Fantasy XV

Final-Fantasy-XVIt is the first Final Fantasy of this generation that was specifically designed for new consoles. Final Fantasy XV has had a bit of a troubled development, with it originally being developed as Final Fantasy XIII Versus, but will make its way to home consoles sometime in 2015. Think of the cutscenes and just how amazing they will look. Think of the epic stories the Final Fantasy series has provided. And try not to think too hard about FFXIII.

14. The Division

I have been a long-time fan of Tom Clancy’s games, although as of late there has definitely been a decline in the quality and number of games available, although 2015 might be a resurgence in these games. The Division is another game on the list that has fallen victim to the delays. Originally announced in 2013, The Division had peaked my interest and looked to be a replacement for the Rainbow Six series that had went missing. The Division is based on a real life military simulation of a biohazard attack and what would happen in such events. Not much else is known for definite about The Division but what we do know is that it is third person and that Ubisoft definitely know how to make a Third Person Shooter. There isn’t an exact date for release but we have been promised The Division in 2015.

13. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires

DW8 Zou CiI was devastated back when I visited Tokyo for TGS in 2012 when I found out that Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires didn’t have a release date for the west, it was there and playable on PS3! Then I found out it was coming out a year later and was a PS3 exclusive that was unbelievably hard to find. So naturally I was ecstatic to find out that DW8:E was coming to the west on multiple consoles and it was only 3 months after the release in Asia. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires is the first Empires game on next gen and it looks amazing. It is also the first game on our list to have an actual release date, in fact it is due out on 30/01/2015 in Europe and 24/02/2015 in the US.

12. Star Wars Battlefront

A next gen Star Wars Battlefront game! Do you even need to know any more? What if I told you it was being developed by DICE with the Frostbite 3 engine? I cannot contain my excitement for the game. As a reboot to the series we could see some amazing changes and the creators of the Battlefield series are just the people to do it. Can you imagine being able to pull off some sick rocket launcher shots while jumping out of an X-Wing mid-air? This could be the SW:BF3 we had all hoped for but better. All we need to do is wait until “Holiday 2015” to get our hands on it.

11. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky blew onlookers away at E3 2015, it was gorgeous. We all seen this immersive and wonderful world that we could explore and it seemed like you could explore to the entire universe. Cut to a representative of the game stating that No Man’s Sky would run procedurally generated universes, technically making it larger than our own universe. No two players will share the same experience and they all get to be planetary explorers. That is the kind of game I can get behind. No Man’s Sky is unfortunately another game on the list with no exact release date beyond 2015 but no matter when it drops it will most assuredly be a must buy for every sci-fi fan out there.

No Man's Sky Gameplay

And that’s only the beginning. There are loads more games to come in our list, so if these games are already whetting your apetite we can’t wait to show you the rest! So why not stay tuned for part 2 of our “15 Games for 2015” series.

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