15 Games for 2015 (Part 2)

Welcome back to our series on the 15 games for 2015 you need to keep an eye out for. And if you have missed the last article that you can check out here, although if you’ve already read it we shall hold you back no further.

Mighty No 9

10. Mighty No 9

Keji Inafune’s latest game, Mighty No. 9, was kickstarted way back in 2013. In less than two days of appearing on the site it reached its goal, so it is almost a necessity on our list. Inafune has previously worked on Dead Rising and the Onimusha series but is most well-known for his work on the Megaman series. Fans of the Megaman series are elated to see the original creator return and revitalise the genre, and so are we. Mighty No.9 is scheduled for release in April 2015 and for those who backed the kickstarter it can’t come soon enough.

9. Crackdown 3

Rumours of a new Crackdown game have been circling the internet ever since somebody caught a glimpse of what looked like a Crackdown symbol at an Xbox One event. Although it wasn’t confirmed until April 2014 that Crackdown 3 by Ken Lobb, who also advised that it will be named Crackdown. This new entry will offer up an alternate time line to Crackdown 2 so it will not be a direct sequel. No matter what direction the game goes in I will be more than happy to bound about a new city as a hybrid cop hero who fights crime. There is no release date at all for Crackdown but you can only hope it will make a showing this year.

8. Dying Light

Dying LightWe all love a good zombie apocalypse game. There is something about the bleak and dismal fight for survival in an post-apocalyptic future that as gamers we cannot get enough of. After Techland stopped their work on Dead Island they moved on to Dying Light and they have obviously mastered the art of zombie survival, in fact we experienced it first hand at EGX. Dying Light is only a few weeks away with the release date 30/01/2015.

7. Evolve

We have already had a quite extensive shot at Evolve both at EGX and when we got to partake in the Big Alpha. Describing Evolve as the Godzilla game we had all dreamed of playing is the best way to explain it, and even then it doesn’t do Evolve justice. The beauty of Evolve is that it really encourages it’s players to work together against a common enemy while giving players the opportunity to be the enemy too. There is a lot of variety on both the monster’s side and the hunter’s side with even more information trickling out as we near the game’s release on February 10th, so make sure you get your copy pre-ordered right away.

6. Resident Evil HD

Resident Evil HDResident Evil HD is the only remaster on our list but it most certainly earned its place. The Resident Evil series is one that I have had a love hate affair with since inception and the later games were a bit of a turn off. The gaming world has changed since 1996 when the game has first released but I am still excited to see just how well the 2002 GameCube Remake has been remastered for next gen. What more can I say? It’s more Resi and it is due out on Jan 20th 2015.

And there you have it, 5 more games to add to that ever growing list of games you want for 2015. Be sure to check back to see how the “15 Games for 2015” concludes. You might even be able to tell us what titles we have careslessly overlooked when compiling all he games we are looking forward to in 2015.

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  1. Ahhh! Need to know what the top 5 are! :'( I agree with dying light and Mighty no.9. Top ten but not quite top 5.

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