10 Characters Injustice 2 Needs

We all love superheroes, our world is over saturated in the caped crusaders and the not-so-caped vigilantes ranging from the dark and mysterious to the bold and stoic titans of our favourites comics when it comes to film. but recently the gaming landscape’s focus on superheroes has dwindled and with a sequel to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looking less likely everyday there was a great calling from all of those that love their mean in tights and questionable outfit choices. Thankfully Ed Boon had been teasing some form of announcement for E3 and as always Ed delivered big time with Injustice 2.

injusticeFans of the series have always had their wish list of notable rogues and underdog crusaders they wanted to see in a game, knocking lumps out of the more popular characters, and Injustice is best place for it when it comes to DC. Even though Injustice was a prime example of DC’s finest going head to head it was certainly a little too heavy on the Bat family for many fans liking and we thought we would draft up a wish list of characters we want to see make an appearance in Injustice 2. For the sake of the list we have stipulated that the characters cannot be returning characters and that we did not limit the list to strictly DC and allowed Vertigo comics characters on to our list.


Constantine starts off our list and as a non “super” hero, he compliments the cast of those with more out of this world powers with his ability to use magic and arcane knowledge. As a con artist and magic wielder Constantine could be portrayed as setting up traps and be a spatially based character as opposed to an outright brawler, something akin to a mix Quan Chi’s rune variation in Mortal Kombat X and Kotal Khan’s variations, that allow him to utilise spells and buff himself or power down his opponent through spells. Finely tweaked and with the right approach Constantine could step right out from the Injustice comics as a great tie in to the game as Batman’s ally.


Bizarro is brilliant fit for Injustice. Previously Mortal Kombat has been criticised previously for the use of “clone ninjas” Bizarro gives NRS the ability to turn the trope on its head and flex their muscles when it comes to creativity and how to implement the exact opposite of Superman in the Injustice universe. For every chilling breath Superman purses his lips to create Bizarro could be standing right next to him turning up the heat with his fire breath. Superman could deliver full screen lasers while Bizarro freezes the opponent briefly to close the gap, much like NRS’s poster boy Sub-Zero. The list of potential moves could go on, but the main factor for Bizarro would be fun. And what’s a fighting game without fun? Nothing, so get him in there.

The_Saint_of_Suicides_001The Saint of Suiciders

The first of our Vertigo characters comes from a far more modern and very fitting background. The Saint of Suiciders is the champion of the people when it comes to Lee Bremejo’s Suiciders. As an all-out brawler The Saint could be a total rush down character that utilises hand to hand combat over the gadgets of Batman and the other “powerless” heroes. A massive bonus and one of the main inclusions for The Saint is that in Suiciders he dawns a glorious suit of armour before battling in the coliseums and this fits perfectly in to the new mechanics of Injustice 2.

Swamp ThingSwamp Thing

Another character that treads the thin line between Vertigo and DC is Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing has been one of the most critically acclaimed and recurring heroes for DC since the early 70s and touched on some really interesting issues with Alan Moore’s rendition of the character. With the ability to control plant life he could place traps or even positional teleports around the level to play in to his powers and given a little creativity his mastery of the elements would be amazing in action. He might not be the poster boy of DC but let’s give the ultimate vegan his props in Injustice 2 and make him playable.

Negative flashZoom/Negative Flash

The Flash is already getting his way with Gorilla Grodd taking centre stage in early builds but another candidate for the villain roles to represent The Flash could be Zoom. Operating out with the Speed Force, Zoom could provide an interesting counter to the Flash as he alters the perception of time for those he fights instead of moving at super speeds himself. This would allow NRS to play with some status type effects and just like Bizarro counter ideas to the staple character we have already seen.


Aquaman seems to be a character that is always overlooked, maybe it’s because of his previous hook hand or a lack of centre stage in his own movie for the friend of all fish and eco warrior. Although many may question how viable some Aquaman villains are – and how you would represent the oil industry or Japanese whaling companies as one character – there is certainly a place for his beloved Mera, especially when you consider Batman vs. Superman has set Aquaman up as one of the key players. Mera would allow more focus on water based attacks instead of Aquaman’s trident influenced gameplay and bring a broader understanding of the nature of the subaquatic hero’s powers. Plus she had a Red Lantern Ring at one point and seeing that as an alt costume would be awesome.

34_JesseCusterJesse Custer (Preacher) *potential spoilers for TV series*

Just as the big man is making his way on to prime time television he could quite as easily demand respect in the battlefield. Jesse Custer is inhabited by Genesis, the fallout of an angel and a demon bumping uglies, and commands the voice of God. Though Jesse Custer is a Preacher when we met him, he wasn’t always that way proving his mettle as a con on the run and being brought up in a hardnosed, Southern, household in which they fought as much as they went to church, proving he has what it takes to fight whoever stands in his way.


While Jesse Custer may command the voice of God, Darkseid is a bonafide New God. He has beaten the best of the best and when he couldn’t kill Batman he sent him hurtling through time as a thank you. The immortal of Apokolips has proven his valour against Superman and the Justice League time and time again while trying to find the anti-life equation and has seen his fair share of battles. Although his powers are very much the same as many other DC heroes Darkseid’s ability to produce Omega beams make him that bit stronger when it comes to projectiles.


It’s well known that many an Injustice player held a great disdain for online Deathstroke players, so why not split the model and make Deathstroke a more up-close and personal fighter and allow Deadshot to provide the ultimate zoning techniques, potentially filling the role that Green Arrow should have in Injustice. Known to never miss a shot Deadshot could utilise his vast array of guns to keep foes at bay in numerous and entertaining ways. A place on the Injustice 2 roster would also greatly benefit in the promotion of the Suicide Squad movie and help garner interest for the character as a whole.

Blue BeetleBlue Beetle

Last, but certainly not least is Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle wasn’t originally a DC comic book character and his powers were quite different through various iterations but the identity in question for this particular entry is Jaime Reyes. Much liked The Saint, Reyes’s power originates from his Blue Beetle armour and allows him to craft weapons as he goes while providing the usual enhanced strength and ability to fly. By including Jaime Reyes NRS would be able to tick both the obscure character box and Teen Titans box simultaneously while once again playing in to the notion of interchangeable armours for a character.

We could honestly go on forever about why we want these characters in and ideas for their move sets, but this article rambled on long enough. There is so much potential in Injustice 2 that we cannot wait to see how the roster shapes up. Having already seen Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus who were hot picks for IGAU back in the day and with what appears to a larger focus on the DC universe as a whole this might very well be NRS’s best game yet. And as always if you think there is a character more deserving or a past favourite, like Lobo, you would love to see a comeback with Injustice 2 let us know!

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